Ninox MapperLte 2.0 freeware

Ninox MapperLte is a user friendly and flexible software for documenting and presenting information on geographically referenced images.

Ninox MapperLte is using an image both as a map background and as a geographical reference surface on to which you can add your own information.

You may use practically any type of map image that provides geographical information as long as the reference system to which it is adapted is a right-angled coordinate system, for example UTM.

The digital picture may depict a topographic map, aerial photo, satellite image, historical map, town plan, drawing etc. If an image of an area of interest is not available, you may scan a printed map.

With Ninox MapperLte you can, among other things, measure distances, draw lines and enter symbols on the map images. Info about symbols (places, objects, activities) can be registered in tables and further documented through hyperlinks to pictures, text etc.

By editing externally recorded positions ( for example as waypoints from a gps-receiver ) in accordance with the simple file format used by Ninox MapperLte, records can be imported and displayed as symbols on map images. Symbols and lines added to the map can also be exported as editable text files for use by for example by gps-receivers.

You can make your own print-outs of maps. With freeware for creation of PDF-files for example CutePDF Writer it is also easy to make your digital maps portable.